Insoo Rah Angie’s First Marrage Nov 23, 2018 - Jan 20, 2019

Hanna Hur Signal at the Wheel, Hover at the Gate June 7 - July 20, 2019


Making chainmaille is a laborious, yet meditative process. Hanna Hur crafts individual copper loops and weaves them into chainmaille using just two sets of pliers and a metal dowel. The result is a malleable grid, a net that changes shape according to the demands of gravity. Adjusting one ring causes the entire structure to move. The field expands as Hur adds rings to the chainmaille mesh; some works have been growing for five years or more. Two overlapping chainmaille grids on the floor form The Gate iii (2014-19). The top layer of chainmaille molds itself around a clay ball nestled in between the two matrices. A work entitled, Mother iii (2017-19), consists of eight single strands of copper chainmaille lining the inner corner seams of the gallery walls. The artist indicates that the body of a spider connected to these eight “legs” hovers above the gallery ceiling in another dimension, immaterial and unseen.